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All you need to know before you schedule a lesson

  • What are your lessons and teaching style like?
    I believe that we learn best when we are relaxed and having fun, but at the same time, I know that learning English is very important to you, so I take it very seriously. Every student is different, so I adapt every course and every class to your particular goals, needs and interests. I listen carefully to, and take notes of, the language you produce, and at the end of each session I will give you detailed feedback on your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and tips on how you can continuing improving outside of the class. I will save all of this in a shared document, which you will have access to. From our course, you will have a complete record of all the language we we work on.
  • What is a 'Personalized Class'?
    Every student has different learning goals, every student has different needs, and every student has different interests. I design and deliver every class with my students' goals, needs, and interests in mind. If you want to improve your fluency or your grammar or your writing, that's what we'll work on. If you need to improve your pronunciation or your vocabulary or your reading, that's what we'll work on. If you're interested in history or movies or economics or football, those will be the topics we discuss, the content of the texts we read and the videos we watch.
  • What platform do you use for filesharing and materials?
    Google Classroom. It's very fast and easy to use. It's basically just an extension of Google Drive/Google Documents. All you need is a gmail account!
  • What do you use for videocalls?
    Zoom. It's fast and agile, and perfect for online classes.
  • What levels of student do you teach?
    I teach all levels of student, from absolute beginners (A1) through to highly advanced students (C2).
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