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Writing Task 2: How to Answer the 5 Types of IELTS Question

Updated: Feb 23

There are 5 different types of essay question in Writing Task 2.

To make sure there are no surprises on exam day, you should be able to recognise them, and know how to answer each of them.

Also, in preparation for your IELTS exam, you should be reading articles and listening to talks about common essay topics such as health, technology, and the environment. While you're learning about these topics, there are certain critical thinking exercises you can do which will help you think about these subjects in more depth, and help you to answer whatever type of question you have on exam day.

This article will give an overview of how to understand the questions, and in a future article we will look at how to analyse specific questions, generate ideas, and plan essays in more detail.

In this class we are going to do 3 things: